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John Swihart grew up in Bloomington Indiana, spending much of his childhood on the campus of Indiana University where his father was a Professor of Physics. Home to the world-renowned Jacobs School of music, John attended weekly concerts and celebrations at the Musical Arts Center(the MAC) and at the IU Auditorium where every Halloween there was a showing of "Phantom of the Opera" accompanied by an organist. He studied piano, saxophone and guitar.


After Berklee College of Music (Boston) John spent years touring with various bands and eventually working in the Blue Man Group Show before he moved to LA to pursue a career in film and television score composition and production.


John is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist composer-producer with a long list of credits across multiple genres and platforms. He works out of his studio in the famed Laurel Canyon. Swihart's expertise is working with filmmakers to tell their particular stories by supporting their unique sensibilities with the narrative in an artistic and innovative way to create contemporary scores. Swihart says, "The music is already part of the scene, you just have to pull it out of the film so everyone else can hear it the way you do."

"When I first heard his Casio-inspired score that conjured the classic teen dweeb of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, I knew a truly original composer had arrived on the scene with John Swihart.  Of course, his music has since grown from that hilarious sound to encompass a wide range of genres. I can always count on hearing something wildly different and creative in John's approach, music that inspires me.  He remains one of the composers with a true voice that never fails to come across loud, and often eccentrically clear."


Daniel Schweiger

Film Music Journalist,

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