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John Swihart grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, amidst the vibrant musical environment of Indiana University. Frequent attendance at the Musical Arts Center and IU Auditorium for weekly concerts and the annual Halloween tradition featuring "Phantom of the Opera", accompanied by famed organist Dennis James, this is where his journey would commence at IU, studying piano with Kola and Bernard Heiden, as well as saxophone and guitar, and would continue at Berklee College of Music in Boston.


After college, there were years of touring with diverse bands, experimenting with writing and performing different genres of music, and record deals. Swihart’s path eventually led him to the performance art company, Blue Man Group, playing in multiple cities, before making the move to Los Angeles, where he pursued a career in composition for film and television.


John Swihart is now an award-winning multi-instrumentalist composer-producer, with an extensive list of credits across various genres and platforms. Operating from his studio nestled in the famed Laurel Canyon, Swihart specializes in collaborating with filmmakers to craft scores that not only align with their unique visions but also elevate the narrative artistically and innovatively. For Swihart, the essence of a score lies in its seamless integration with the script and visuals, ensuring that every musical beat resonates harmoniously with the unfolding story. John explains, "The music is already inherent in the moment; you just have to extract it from the film, allowing everyone else to experience it as intimately as you do."

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